Among our clients:

  • Megawest Energy Corporation
  • Tekara Organizational Effectiveness
  • Samaritan's Purse Canada
  • Chevron Canada Limited
  • C&MA Canada/Western District
  • Ellergodt Design
  • CanAussie Windows
  • Global Development Associates
  • Numerous individual coaching clients since 2001

Client Accolades

“MegaWest engaged Visiontracks to assist us with bringing our mission, vision and values to life in the Company. Harvey conducted interviews and designed a one day session to lead our team through an effective process which resulted in a more fulsome understanding of the words on the page, and in turn raised some interesting questions and observations that became the foundation of an action plan. Harvey’s follow up to the meeting was effective and created a road map for improved teamwork and effectiveness in our operations”

“On a yearly basis, we gather our international workers together into regional groups for professional and personal development. Over the past 10+ years, Harvey has frequently joined us in these meetings and has often played a strategic planning and facilitator role. We have often left these meetings with a greater clarity on what is important, with a thorough view of the whole picture, and with tools to accomplish the task. We would recommend Harvey to others in this type of role.”

"A dream for an International Church network was born in 2000 at a Think Tank Harvey facilitated in Hungary. Seven other International Church pastors were invited ranging from rookie to veteran. Harvey led the dream session with marvelous skill and motivating questions and lit a fire under me through his investigation, his prodding, his uncovering.

I left that think tank eight years ago and still make mental journeys back to the questions Harvey asked. Harvey was the midwife to my dream. Now, the Missional International Church Network has hosted five conferences in Asia and the Middle East. The MICN is comprised of International Church leaders from over 25 countries leading International Churches from small gatherings to weekend services of over 3000. Harvey is an original stakeholder in the dream to develop International Churches into beachheads for transformational change."