Visiontracks facilitates:

Corporate vision clarification

  • Effective organizations are driven by the vision & values of thier leadership. Developing a vision 'story' that guides the culture and decision-making of the organization is foundational to it's effectiveness and potential impact

  • We co-create a process with you to facilitate organizational self-discovery through conversations and assessments, then design a process to create a compelling story of your future that is owned throughout your organization. We get the vision off the wall!

Strategic conversations

External facilitation can lift the viel of assumptions, perceptions & opinions , focusing the team on common language and shared outcomes. In the process this will:

  • Establish better communication practices
  • Move ideas into the realm of impact
  • Resolve issues of conflict

Planning processes

  • Create strategic pathways and related performance measures that lead you to the fulfillment of your corporate vision

  • Development of strategies to address change-management

Team coaching

  • Conversations or events focused on the team-creation or team-building needs of your organization

  • Team building - we don’t just use games to build team – we do it in the context of working together on projects

  • Ensuring alignment of people-resources with strategy

Training & seminars

  • Core skills & practices of virtual teams
  • Work/ Life balance
  • Effective performance assessment practices
  • Developing personal and work plans
  • Peer coaching
  • Managing multiple cultures in the workplace

Professional/ Personal Assessments

  • Web-based 360 assessment from Results Coaching Systems
  • Through our association with Consulting Resource Group:
    • Personal styles of relating,working, learning
    • Values
    • Team dynamics
    • Sales approaches
    • Self -worth
    • Wellness/ Stress Management
    • Appropriate job-matching
  • Cultural Orientations Indicator – for assessing the influence of culture in the workplace and it's impact on leadership and management

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