Is it assets? Income? Brand? Business plan or strategy?

Of course these matter. But is there something more fundamental? We think so. Specifically, we've come to recognize that truly great organizations share the distinct ability to:

  1. Embrace a Compelling Purpose – They know where they are going. Their purpose isn’t solely focused on profit, but about making a positive difference in this world. They have clarity of vision and values.

  2. Empower Competent People – The right people are on the bus and doing the right things. In the final analysis, these organizations know that people are responsible for their success. They invest in their leaders and employees through training and coaching, empowering them to work together for optimum performance.

  3. Establish Clear Pathways – They know how to make their vision spring to life. Of the many pathways available, they cut through the fog of choices and confidently declare their priorities.

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