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working with visiontracks

  1. We begin with a complimentary conversation to define your expectations and outcomes.

  2. We provide a draft proposal and then take time to work collaboratively with you until we develop an approach that is tailor-made to your organizations' culture and needs.

  3. Visiontracks is committed to ensuring that the outcome of a coaching or faciliation process includes clear steps towards your personal &/or organization’s effectiveness.

  4. For any 1:1 coaching, we provide a complimentary “Sample Session” to give you a taste of the coaching experience and determine if we are a fit for you or your organization.

  5. For any facilitation/ organizational development work, we strongly recommend that key leaders or managers firmly commit to being coached. We ask this because we know that leadership determines organizational effectiveness. “The speed of the leader determines the speed of the team”. Coaching therefore helps keep leaders focused on core tasks and issues essential to fulfilling your vision.

Contact us at or by phone at 1-403-970-4148..